Dec 25, 2017

Munitions QA / Weapons Safety Inspector UAE Careers - DynCorp International

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Job Description

Job Title:  Munitions QA / Weapons Safety Inspector

Company Name: DynCorp International

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Job Summary: The Munitions QA/Weapons Safety Inspector audits and monitors the performance of the Munitions Dept in respect to all explosives processes to include internal quality control management measures, effectiveness of training, and compliance with all safety (explosive and industrial) and environmental programs for the Munitions Dept. Site focal point for all DynCorp Weapons Safety issues/requirements. Adheres to all aspects of the ISO 9001/14001 Program and verifies compliance with contractual requirements as specified in the Performance of Work Statement (PWS).


Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform random quality inspections on munitions inspection, receiving, shipping, storage, accountability maintenance, supply, procurement and transportation processes, including storage and operating facilities, to verify compliance with explosives, technical directives and the PWS.
  • Perform random in-process and final product quality inspections on accountability, inspection, maintenance, storage, transportation and shipping operations.
  • Monitor workshop practices and housekeeping, explosive and industrial, to identify compliance; identifying discrepancies and negative trends for managerial attention and corrections.
  • Perform quality control inspections on outbound munitions shipments, including validation photography.
  • Perform random inspections on tools, shop equipment, safety equipment and protective clothing.
  • Perform spot checks on material requisition, storage and parts tracking management processes.
  • Randomly review production and inspection schedules, work orders and historical records to ensure accuracy and timely completion.
  • Review technical order files and Air Force standards for currency and adequacy.
  • Review and evaluate work processes and facilities to ensure compliance with ISO 9001/Weapons Safety.
  • Coordination point for review of written procedures and emergency action checklists; validate for currency and accuracy annually.
  • Coordinate with other departments and PSO for standardization of processes and procedures.
  • Assist with the development and implementation of departmental training programs.
  • May assist with on-the-job training and auditing of training documentation to confirm compliance.
  • Coordinate and evaluate all weapon safety related issues and requirements through Det 5 with 379th AEW/Weapons Safety Office.
  • Conduct spot inspections of explosive operations to confirm compliance with applicable safety and technical standards.
  • Review/maintain all current waivers, exemptions and deviations from established safety criteria. Advise munitions Operations Manager, Site Manager and Safety Manager of any and all damage potential due to waivers, exemptions and deviations.
  • Perform risk assessments on all DI weapons safety violations and provide reports to Site Management for corrective actions.
  • Remain aware of all planning and activities on base that affect DynCorp weapons safety.
  • Participate in the quality improvement process and risk management determination for all maintenance, storage, operating locations, munitions/maintenance handling equipment, weapons system modifications, test programs and personnel training.
  • Perform other duties as directed by the Quality Control Superintendent or requested by PSO.


Qualifications, Skills and Experience:  

  • At least eight (8) years’ experience on military munitions, preferably USAF, and attended formal DOD munitions technical training school.
  • Minimum four (4) years combined supervisory experience on USAF storage, maintenance and inspection procedures, to include CAS, IMDS, Munitions and MMHE.
  • Preferred previously certified Munitions Inspector.
  • Preferred previous Weapons Safety Manager with at least two years’ experience.
  • Prior experience with diversified handling equipment.
  • Computer literate. Knowledgeable of the USAF Supply and Tech Order systems.

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