Jan 05, 2018

Instrument Calibration Specialist Job Careers - Nawah Energy Company

  • Nawah Energy Company (Nawah)
  • Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
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Job Description

Job Title:  Instrument Calibration Specialist

Company Name: Nawah Energy Company

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Job Summary: The Instrument Calibration Specialist will assist the Head of Dosimetry with performing portable Radiation Protection (RP) instrument calibration for RP function in BNPP, as well as support throughout the planning, execution, and operational phases of management activities for the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP). All activities are to be consistent with regulatory requirements, operating policies and principles, nuclear standards for nuclear safety, industrial safety, and environmental protection, to ensure overall business performance objectives are achieved.


Key Duties and Responsibilities:

Staff Training and Qualification

  • Attend training to have necessary technical knowledge and skills
  • Provide training feedback on program effectiveness with evaluation of training performance
  • Support Head of Dosimetry and Radiation Protection Manager in field of portable instrument calibration
  • Support operation of “Radiation Protection Program (RP-PGD-0001)”.
  • Support operation of “Manage and Control Radioactive Contamination Process(RP-PSD-0001)” and “Manage and Control Radiation Exposure Process (RP-PSD-0002)”.
  • Support operation of “Use of Portable Radiation/Contamination Detection Equipment (RP-PRC-RDP-0009)”.
  • Develop BNPP RP instrument calibration plan including radiation and radioactivity measuring portable instrument owned by Emergency Preparedness (EP) department.
  • Perform periodically calibration of portable RP and EP instruments based on Use of Portable Radiation/ Contamination Detection Equipment (RP-PRC-RDP-0009) and BNPP RP instrument calibration plan.
  • Manage RP instrument calibration data through OMS MTES module.
  • Support procurement of consumables and others related to portable RP instrument including development of Purchase Specification.
  • Provide support for the BNPP ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) Committee.
  • Provide procurement origination support to the plant organization in terms of consumables, spare parts related to RP portable instrument.
  • Provide support to the plant organization in preparation and conduct of WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operator) and INPO (Institute of Nuclear Power Operations) evaluations.
  • Support creation and management of Plant and Site Support RP budget and Business Plan.


Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 

APR-1400 or OPR-1000 operation, Radiological Protection or Radioactive Waste Management

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